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Posture, For One and All!

Title page and image from book entitled Your Carriage, Madam

You don’t have to be a dyed-in-the-wool empirist to believe that we must learn how to move and hold our bodies. Yet who among us learned anything about posture at school?

Rhetorical Video Games

Retro image of young couple standing in front of a large Atari home computer

I ran my Mass Effect 1 lesson plan today, and I must say that I’m all fired up about it. Why? Because it worked. Turns out, you can use a video game to teach a rhetorical concept, and not just as a medium that can be rhetorically analyzed, but as a modeling technology that enables (indeed requires) the cognitive work rhetorical concepts entail.

Why We Just Can't Seem to Teach Logos

Computer drawing of a sculpture of Aristotle

When it comes to argumentation, what's the hardest subject to teach: pathos, ethos, or logos? Based on my experiences teaching RHE306 and RHE309K and from asking my colleagues this question over the past two years, I believe the answer is indisputably LOGOS.

What's so hard about teaching logos? I think the big reason is that, when you're talking about persuasion and then you introduce the word “logos,” students' brains immediately recall the word “logic.” Instructors hesitate to allow this understanding. Many, including myself, dispute it outright.

Better than Rhetoric

Screenshot of McDonald's Videogame

My thinking about rhetoric and realism has been greatly elucidated this year by my class, Rhetoric of Video Games.

Communication in the Classroom

Two woman conversing in an art gallery

This semester I wanted to develop the Mass Effect lesson I devised in the fall.


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